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We at the Shadrach Charitable Trust®works towards a world in which every child and young adult lives to their greatest potential, regardless of physical disabilities.


The Shadrach Charitable Trust® is a non-profit, organization that aims to help impoverished children and young adults who are Deaf-Mute to reach their highest potential. The heart and soul of Shadrach Charitable Trust® is to identify key needs and provide the tools necessary for empowerment to lead self-sustaining, fulfilling lives.

Our Mission is to focus not on the disability but to bring out the ability of Deaf-Mute by provide vocational training to the to them enhance their employ ability quotient and enable them to become contribute partners of Society.


  • Education is essential to individual autonomy and the ability to take advantage of economic opportunities, with this truths in mind that I started to spread awareness of the challenges these children face and to implement projects that offer them hope at a better life.

  • Shadrach Charitable Trust® not only wants to give these children an opportunity to learn and develop but also wants them to become an Asset for their families.


  • Shadrach Charitable Trust® is to provide,

  • Develop Life skills
  • Personality development classes to increase self-confidence.
  • Build employ ability skills
  • Basic computer classes
  • Help them providing employment opportunity.